T-shirt after care

T-Shirt After Care

100% Cotton
Machine wash cold
Only non-cholrine
Bleach when needed
Tumble dry low
Do not iron print

Wash instructions can be found on the inside of the neck area on the label. Always read the label first!

Wash tips - Check to see if it is hand wash only. You should also adhere to label instructions regarding washing in Cold or Hot water or you may end up with a stretched or shrunken t-shirt ! Before washing, turn the t-shirt inside out as this will help later on. I prefer to wash in cold water as not only is it better for the environment and you'll save money on power bills but it will reduce the chance of shrinkage. Hand washing , although time consuming is probably the best way of making your shirt last longer as it does get bashed around with other clothes if in a machine. If warm water permits then you can get usually get away with washing it whilst in the shower - but if you have some stubborn stains then to the machine it should go !

Washing Dryers - Rapid change going from wet to dry rapidly can stress your t-shirt image and also help shrink your tee. After washing hang your t-shirt on the line out of direct sunlight, turned inside out. Direct sunlight will age your print prematurely.

Ironing - Do Not iron directly onto the print ! Turn your t-shirt inside out or place a tea towel or suitable paper over the image on the shirt beforehand to protect the artwork. A hot iron on a print is a big no no and will only cause the design to age prematurely and fade the colours. Remember you may not always need to iron your t-shirt anyway.

Storage - If you have lot of tees and don't wear them all that often then i suggest taking them off from the clothes hangers. You will find that they stretch the neck and shoulders after time due to the natural forces of gravity and being left on the hanger. If you have a few shirts then i recommend folding them neatly and using some of those big plastic storage containers/boxes to keep them in.

Finally - T-shirts will eventually wear out and fade - it is only natural after all. A lot depends on how you look after your shirt , the strength of colour dyes used by the garment manufacturer, printing process used for the design or logo and etc. At the end of the day you may find that the worn look is fashionably in anyway !