About Us

From dust to snow, oceans to deserts, Hesco products have withstood battle zones, hurricanes, floods and even angry sports fans! So we understand the importance of creating something simple but innovative, durable and fit for purpose, something that will last, and we are putting that ethos into our Hesco merchandise range.

If you are a combat engineer then you will have heard of Hesco, if you were or are still involved in a military campaign then you are more than likely to have lived within and been protected by our MIL units and you may have seen or even have worn the original Hesco T-shirts.

Originally the T-shirts were created to try and boost the morale of the servicemen and women out on deployment who worked hard every day to keep us safe, filling Hesco barriers from dawn until dusk, creating city-like fortifications in the most arduous parts of the world. Back then our products came in nine sizes and the first “9 Ways to Save Your Ass” T-shirt became as-much-apart of the landscape as the HESCO baskets themselves!

So whether you’ve used our products in the past or new to Hesco we hope you enjoy the designs we have created for you. 

If you would like to know more about our products please visit hesco.com