About Us

“We challenge.  We work hard. We remain strong. We defend. And we protect. 
We are Hesco Store, and we are here to equip you with the apparel and tools you need to push yourself to the limit. We empower, and make you, you”.

You may know Hesco from our world-leading defence and security products. From dust to snow, oceans to deserts, Hesco products have withstood battle zones, hurricanes, floods and even angry sports fans – and Hesco Store is here to embody this fighting, protective spirit with its merchandise range.
We aim to boost morale when faced with challenging circumstances. In fact, our t-shirts were originally created to boost the morale of those out on deployment who work to keep the public safe each and every day, from dawn until dusk in some of the most dangerous places in the world.  
 One of our founding products was a t-shirt with “9 ways to save your ass” – and this mantra has remained part of Hesco Store to this day. We create products which protect and serve.  

You may face challenges, but with Hesco Store we face them together.